Sunday, November 11, 2007

Next steps

OK, I'm over it. I don't have room in my headspace to let this reviewer take up valuable real estate, so ... moving on ...

I came back from ASHE filled with ideas and plans, as usual. Dr. Carter, who was the discussant on my event history analysis paper, had several good suggestions, of which I plan to use all but one. On the drive home, Ms. Prepared had a really excellent suggestion for a slightly different direction in which to take the paper. So now I'm more excited about a project I had gotten tired of. (I am not taking one of Dr. Carter's suggestions because the new direction obviates the need for it, not because it wasn't a good one.)

I also have roughly mapped out where the various projects I am working on need to go over the next year or so, with next steps, where to submit them, etc.

But - before I can do any of that - I have some homework to catch up on for this week.

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