Monday, December 17, 2007

All done!

One more semester is finished! I turned in my sociology paper and went to class this morning, and then I was free. After sitting on my butt for two days to finish that paper, I decided to celebrate by taking a hike. There aren't a lot of hikes close to town that I haven't done, but I hadn't been to the Narrows of Harpeth. It's almost at the limits of too far to drive for the length of the hike, which is just under 2 miles, but it turned out to be much prettier than many of the local hikes. If you hike much at all around Nashville, you've done Percy Priest, Warner Parks and Radnor Lakes a million times, and while they're pretty there's nothing particular outstanding about them. The Narrows hike starts off following the Harpeth River and then has three forks. One leads to a canoe spot (in the photo), one leads up to a bluff with a good view of the river, and the third leads to a man-made waterfall. The entire thing was surprisingly scenic.

Tomorrow I'm going to run errands, but today is all about recovery from school.

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