Friday, February 20, 2009


I lost about a day's worth of productivity this week when I finally got around to reinstalling the OS on my laptop. Six years worth of file crud was slowing it down. Now I have about 7 GB more free. Almost everything is reinstalled and working, although I haven't synced my iPhone yet. I need to figure out how to not lose my checkbook data when I do that.

I've spent the last day crosswalking the questions from a series of four surveys. That means making a big table showing how a question has changed over time, along with the question number to make it easy to look up. For example:

Sir Mix-A-Lot Survey
3) like big butts y/n1) like big butts y/n1) like big butts y/n1) like big butts scale 1-5
4) can lie y/n5) cannot lie y/n5) have lied in past year y/n5) have lied in past year y/n

I need this crosswalk so I can figure out which questions I can use for longitudinal analysis, among other things, for my dissertation.


jeanne said...

hey turducken, i check in on your blog now and then. i am a phd student in nc. i am in my fifth year and am almost done with my proposal. i have changed topics more often than my dang underwear n the last year (i am exaggerating of course but you get the idea of what's been going on). anyway, where are you in the process? i think you are almost done,yes? best of luck!

turducken said...

Well, thanks! I am done with my quantitative analysis and am working through the IRB approval process for the qualitative portion.

Best of luck to you, too.