Saturday, April 11, 2009

Short bits

-A quote from Ernest Boyer: "During our research for College, we studied several view books ... Based on the pictures in these books, I observed that about 60 percent of all classes are held outside, underneath a tree, and by a gently flowing stream. It's an absolutely bucolic setting. In fact, I observed that almost every campus is either by a river, by a stream, or not quite so far from the shore. One recruiter told us that, 'water is very big in higher education this year.'"

-As I mentioned the other day, what is wrong with my ankle is apparently my hip. That is, I'm not using my hip to stabilize myself properly, and the tension is getting down to my ankle, which the therapist called "the weakest link." Since I can't vote my ankle off the island, the alternative is to strengthen the hip. I'm paying a lot more attention to it, and this morning in yoga I noticed that I finally figured out I've been doing something wrong in warrior all these years - using my ankle instead of my hip.

-I'm leaving tomorrow for San Diego and AERA. Updates here and on Twitter (#AERA).

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