Thursday, May 7, 2009

Academic fashion

I loved this post on the academic fashions of women, but it has to be modified for my own field of education.

There are no Sexy or Athletic Academics. I've seen one or two grad students try Sexy, but never a faculty member.

The Bohemian Academic look is reserved exclusively for those who study international education.

Finally, we have another category that I suspect is missing elsewhere in academia - the Kindergarten Academic. These are often women who study early childhood education. The look consists of long, shapeless jumpers, cute embroidered tops, and jewelry that looks like a craft project.

Also, I would kill for the suit shown for the Professional Academic.

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Anonymous said...

90% of Ecology Academics (even 60 year olds) fit into the Athletic Academic type: ready to go kayaking at a moment's notice.
The other 5% are casual, and there's 5% bohemian.

If you're wearing a suit, it usually means you're a government employee from DC.

And yeah, I've never seen the sexy academic.