Monday, August 16, 2010

Conference time

The ASHE schedule is posted, and on a break from transcription today I took a look. Our symposium is scheduled for the final slot - so stick around, folks! Don't rush to get home. Mostly, I looked to see what else looked interesting, and I didn't find much.

Now I feel the need to repeat my usual caveats that just because I don't think it's interesting personally doesn't mean it's not important or it shouldn't be a part of ASHE. For example, I am not interested in the issue of student retention - but it's important. Okay? When I first went to conferences, I'd try a lot of topics out just to see what they're like, but by now I have a pretty good idea.

There's one session on institutional revenue generation strategies that dovetails with my research interest in fundraising. There's a panel discussion on the pervasiveness of racism. There's a session on the underuse of historical research. There's a session on international policy diffusion that had nothing to do with anything I study.

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