Friday, October 8, 2010

Training weekend

Last weekend Mestre Gulliver was in town for a weekend of capoeira training that left me just dead and exhausted. We were all soundly thumped for our fundamentals, our Portuguese, and our musical skills. For someone like me, who generally only takes on learning new things that come easily to me, that was incredibly frustrating.

But so we're going back to the basics … everyone, even our teachers, were gingaing wrong. Now that's embarrassing. What's even more embarrassing is how hard I find to do it the right way. That is - with a great deal of concentration, I can get the feet right. But I can't get my arms to go simultaneously with it. They just kind of flop. Argh!

On the plus side, I learned a whole lot, and it was amazing to see Mestre and Bambu jogam, and we all got apelidos.

I'm unfortunately still feeling the effects of the weekend, as I picked up a cold from one of the other students, which I wouldn't have if I had been taking care of myself and getting enough sleep. I should know better than that.

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