Thursday, January 13, 2011

Dissertation: Trustees on campus

Sorry for the hiatus: I've been traveling. I'm back in Nashville, the semester has started, and things should be more regular.

Last time, I was talking about the differences in trustee roles among the three campuses. At one campus, trustees were expected to be at many on-campus events:

We probably hit our [local] alums a little harder in terms of visibility and ambassadorship. We really expect them to be at as many functions that the college hosts or co-hosts as they possibly can. Not everyone can be at every sporting event, but at the big ones we hope people are there, as well as major events which are philanthropic by nature either directly or indirectly.

There was a downside to this, however:

Those of us in the area that see each other socially outside of college events, or at college events, we feel very close to one another. Some of the guys, one of the guys in Hawaii, he probably only makes two meetings a year, so those are the only two times I see him, so it’s hard to establish a relationship. … So those who aren’t at the college, who don’t see each other, don’t sit with each other at football games, it’s much harder. And having just completed our trustees’ review of the group that’s up for selection, that was a consistent theme among the out-of-town trustees.

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