Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Lower Cane Loop at Fall Creek Falls

Rest break
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On Saturday, I led a 12.4-mile hike at Fall Creek Falls. This particular hike is mostly flat, aside from a dip down into Cane Creek Gorge: At 3 miles, you go down 800 feet in a mile, and then back up 800 feet in the next mile. The photo is of Cane Creek at the bottom of the gorge.

Unfortunately, one of my friends sprained his ankle on the way up, and he had to hike about three more miles before we could get him out. He was a real trooper about it, though. This also meant we didn't get to spend as much time checking out waterfalls and overlooks, as getting everyone out safely became my first priority.

Last time I was at FCF, we were attacked by angry hornets and then waylaid by a copperhead. Maybe next time?

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