Saturday, June 11, 2011

Not a linkdump

"A.C. Grayling’s decision to open a private liberal-arts college in London reveals higher education as a strictly luxury good." Puh-lease. Consider the following sentences and then tell me whether it would have even been worth my time to follow the link the article:

"Percy Bongelmorton III's decision to open a mink-only fur store in New York reveals coats as a strictly luxury good."

"Tawny Rodriguez's decision to open a Lotus dealership in Hollywood reveals cars as a strictly luxury good."

"Pat Green's decision to open a Whole Foods in Peoria reveals food as a strictly luxury good."

Sorry, syllogism FAIL.


eli t. said...

I liked this post! And I agree that the reaction to this British initiative has been quite exaggerated -- though it's also true that it's a sign of the generalized higher-fee climate over there, which doesn't strike me as particularly good news for equality of access in British higher ed.

turducken said...

Thanks! No, I don't think the pressure for higher fees is a good sign.