Wednesday, March 28, 2012

1/4 of the way through the year of women

Some random thoughts:
  • It's always weird when a writer you really respect highly recommends a book you think is terribly written
  • I loved The Snow Queen, but 150 pages into The Summer Queen I was far too bored to plow through another 550
  • I guess I liked Shards of Honor, although I wasn't keen on the smart, intelligent female soldier finding her true life's work as the [SPOILER ALERT] helpmeet to a big guy in a super-patriarchal society
  • I can't get into Ursula K. LeGuin as much as I feel like I ought to
  • One of the better books I have read, surprisingly, was The Dollmaker. Plus, having spent time in the Big South Fork, it was fascinating to read a novel partially set there
  • Yes, at certain bookstores it can be hard to find something to read (if you aren't looking for romance or mysteries)

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