Saturday, January 5, 2013

Circumnavigation III

SwitchesRemember, ages ago, I attempted to circumnavigate Manhattan, but gave up? Then again in the summer I started where I left off, but gave up because walking without shade when it's over 90F out is just dumb. Well, today I gave it another go. I wasn't committed to the full eight miles remaining. But I needed some gentle cardio and can't wear a backpack at the moment, so I decided to do as much as I felt like. I started back at Lincoln Center and headed south along the Hudson.

Bottle submarine Only ten blocks in I saw this super-cool bottle/submarine. The inside is kitted out like a stainless steel personal submarine. (And, yes, a little later I saw an actual submarine at the Intrepid museum.) The weather was actually pleasant and sunny, despite it being winter. I walked as far as Chelsea Piers, which I had never been to previously. I decided at that point to cut over to the subway, but changed my mind and headed up the High Line instead.

Sky I haven't actually been on the High Line in two years, and a new section has opened up. I took it to the end and then caught the train at 34th St. So, I still have to do the Chelsea Piers-South Ferry segment. Another day!

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