Sunday, November 17, 2013

New York Botanical Garden

Waterfall by TheTurducken
Waterfall, a photo by TheTurducken on Flickr.
The NYBG, in the Bronx, is the largest botanical garden in any city, or so I am told. We visited to see the train show and saw only a small fraction of the larger gardens.

The train show is held in the conservatory (in the rain forest, specifically), so we saw a little bit of that, and we walked past some features such as the Ladies' Border without really taking them in.

We went in search of the crabapples, which turned out to be a much smaller stand than we expected, then walked past the wetland and through the native forest to the waterfall. The falls, as you can see, are not natural but the result of an old dam.

I would like to come back with more time to walk around and explore the grounds, as well as to take photos. It's not a place for serious hiking - it's less than a quarter the size of Van Cortlandt Park - but more of a place for meandering in nature.

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