Monday, February 3, 2014

Ramblers' East River bridges hike

Manhattan by TheTurducken
Manhattan, a photo by TheTurducken on Flickr.
This hike was billed as five bridges and three hot chocolates, although I bailed after four bridges and only one chocolate.

The weather was beautiful - a sunny, 50-degree day sandwiched between cold winter days. (I suspect the NFL has weather witches on staff.) It made for very nice hiking without putting on a dozen layers first.

We started on the east side near the Roosevelt Island tram (and, no, I had no idea there was a tram). We crossed over the bridge into Queens, walked down through Long Island City, where this photo of Manhattan was taken, and crossed in Brooklyn via the Pulaski Bridge. Then we went back over the Williamsburg Bridge and encountered the new year parade in Chinatown before going back to Brooklyn via the Manhattan Bridge. From there, the group wended its way to Park Slope in search of hot chocolate, but I parted from them at Carroll Gardens.

Strictly speaking, I wouldn't call this a hike - no dirt underfoot - but it was a great chance to see parts of the city I didn't know well.

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