Sunday, April 20, 2014

Huzzah and hoorah

Friday was an exciting day for me, as my physical therapist told me I could start again with capoeira intro classes. She had to tell me, though, that I couldn't go that night, as I would be too tired from PT. Of course she was right, but I probably wouldn't have exercised that good judgment on my own. Thus, today I went to my first capoeira class in seven months. My should held up fine in roles and cartwheels, although my cartwheel to the left was notably weaker than to the right. My legs did the real suffering, as they're out of shape. My arms have the benefit of PT and my core has gotten stronger from Pilates, but my legs haven't done much except walk me around. Yesterday was four years to the day of my first capoeira class, so I can't help but feel the timing is fortuitous. Our annual batizado and graduation is in two months, and of course I won't be moving up a level, but I'm happy that I'll be able to participate. We shall see how my body feels tomorrow.

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