Saturday, July 26, 2014

Perimeter Trail to Cascade Falls

Cascade FallsThis one was so short, it doesn't quite qualify as a hike. I even did it in flip-flops. Neverthless ...

After dinner on day two, Friend D and I elected to go see Cascade Falls. A sign on Main Street pointed the way, and the trail was supposedly only a quarter mile. In this case, our hike to the hike was longer than the hike itself! The hike was probably not even a quarter mile. To the base of the falls was just a hop and a skip from the parking spot; we then followed the Perimeter Trail as it switchbacked to about halfway up the falls. From there, the trail turned away from the falls, so we headed back down.

If you aren't really a hiker, you could do this hike - even with various mobility issues, short of a wheelchair, at least up to the base of the falls. And it is an impressive drop.

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