Thursday, April 9, 2015

Packing light

This summer I am going to Iceland! For a month! Awesome, right? There is one, challenge, though: Packing. Four weeks of stuff in a backpacking backpack and a regular little backpack.

My problem isn't clothes. Aside from the fact that I need to bring two pairs of boots, apparently, I can pack light. And it's not "conveniences," either. I don't use a hairdryer, and my laptop isn't coming with me.*

It's everything else. Two of the four weeks will be spent doing trail maintenance, requiring me to bring camping gear. Thankfully, they provide tents upon request and cooking gear isn't needed. But I need a sleeping bag, sleeping pad, and pillow, so I've had to make a few gear upgrades.

My sleeping bag is fine, but my parents bought me a new sleeping pad as an early birthday present, and I sprung for a new bag liner once I realized how much smaller they could be than mine. Take a look:

(We'll leave which is old and which is new as an exercise to the reader. By the way, I do like my Z-rest foam pad. I'll keep it and double-pad in when camping in winter conditions, as I sleep cold. )

The weight isn't significantly different, but the volume is.

Frankly, I think I need to make a few more purchases. The worksite requires steel-toed boots. Also, I'm not sure I have two weeks of camping/working attire that won't embarrass me in the city. I guess the latter counts as discretionary, but the boots are required.

But meanwhile, I just gained significant pack space!

*Reading material, that will also be an issue. I need a book or two that is long and I like well enough but don't mind leaving behind.

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