Saturday, June 13, 2015

Highbridge reopens to pedestrians

High BridgeAfter 40 years, NYC finally reopened Highbridge this week. The pedestrian-only bridge crosses from east Harlem to the Bronx.

Harlem RiverFrom the bridge, there are nice views (this is looking south at the Harlem River).

ViewpointOn the Manhattan side, it ends in Highbridge Park, which has an old water tower, a pool (not yet opened), and some bike and pedestrian trails. The park is on a steep rock outcropping, which falls away rapidly on the east side.

StairsAt the south end of the park there are stairs connected the (lower) east side with the (higher) west side, but do note: The east side runs along Harlem River Drive, a road that is both busy and desolate, totally unshaded, and goes nowhere. (At least, the sidewalk peters out; the road goes on.)

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