Sunday, July 26, 2015

Two weeks in Skaftafell

Yesterday was my last day in Skaftafell. We spent the last two weeks building a bog bridge, repairing wooden-earthen steps, digging out water bars, rebuilding ditches, building stone step, and uprooting lupin. I learned to cut turf and use a handsaw properly and greatly improved my hammering efficiency. We were quite lucky with the weather, with only three days being wet, and the free weekend was beautifully clear. Even so, it was great to have professional-grade 66* North raingear. Icelandic summers are pleasant enough if you lose the expectation that the air ought to be warm on your skin, but working in them requires an adaptable wardrobe. The rest of the team was awesome. There were three Americans (all New Yorkers) and seven Brits (one of whom lived in Germany), varying in age from 18 to 40-something. While we varied in experience and expertise, everyone worked hard - on the trail and in the kitchen, as we had to cook our dinners in teams. I probably ate much healthier than usual as a result. I'm now on to Þórsmörk for a few days of hiking.

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