Friday, August 7, 2015

Packing for a month, redux

I have a lot to process from my trip, but let's start with the easy stuff. How did my packing work?

There were a couple of items I didn't wear:
  • winter gloves
  • Uniqlo down jacket
The latter may have been a mistake, as it was packed tight all month, and I'm not sure it'll bounce back. If I had done any of the long treks, maybe I would have used them, but as it was they weren't necessary.

A couple of things I only wore so I didn't feel bad about packing them:
  • street shoes
  • skirt
Next time I'd leave them out, and probably replace the skirt with another pair of pants.

I lost a couple of items:
  • one sock (why is it always one!)
  • one SmartWool shirt (this made we very sad, as I was wearing it a lot)
I left out the following item, and I'm not sure why:
  • warm leggings
(OK, I know why. They were the wrong color.)

I bought a few items:
  • Icelandic sweater (sadly, not a hand-knit one)
  • wool leggings
  • two wool shirts
  • wool socks
Of these, I wore the first three a great deal; the leggings were really essential, and the sweater was great so I wasn't always wearing my hoodie. The two shirts I bought at the end of my trip.

But overall, I did a decent job of packing. Good job, me.
And the photo? The worksite supplied waterproof gear from 66° North, which really worked. Note that they don't sell it online/in their stores, just through professional marine supply type places. (And I checked; it doesn't come in black.)

P.S. The new bag liner and pillow were the bees' knees. The liner was so warm! And the pillow was as good as my memory foam at home. My camping kit has been taken up several notches.

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