Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Revisiting Red Hill fire tower

After starting on the Saranac Six, my sweetie and I decided to start working on the Adirondack Mountain Club's Fire Tower patch. I had already hiked the five Catskills fire towers, but J hadn't, so we started them over a long Catskills weekend.

Having travelled to the Catskills Friday morning, we decided to do Red Hill, the shortest, that day. My previous hike was two years ago. Like that visit, this one was also in October, the weather was less than ideal, and there was no volunteer at the top. However, being earlier in October, the weather was rain instead of snow, and the lack of volunteer was because it wasn't the weekend.

The hike is short and, as the Catskills go, reasonably straightforward - there is no scrambling and the trail is not confusing. At the top, we enjoyed the well-appointed privy (it has framed art on the wall!) as well as the tower itself. While the day was misty, the views weren't completely obscured.

Eventually, I suppose I should get up there when the tower cab is open.

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