Saturday, December 31, 2016

McDowell Creek Park waterfalls

Royal Terrace FallsMy sister and I went to Oregon's McDowell Creek Park to check out the waterfalls. There are hiking trails that total a few miles, but instead we drove to each of the three parking lots to see the falls the easy way.

Lower McDowell Creek Falls wasn't easily viewable from the first parking area. There is a picnic area there among the mossy trees, and trails start here.

Royal Terrace Falls, as seen at left, is a short distance, perhaps 1/4 mile, from the second lot. It's 119 feet high and obviously impressive. The photo is taken from a bridge over the creek, which affords the best view.

The third fall is Majestic Falls. We walked 400 feet from the lot to the top of the falls, but we didn't take the stairs to the bottom. It's less than half the height of Royal Terrace Falls, but it has a loud, satisfactory roar.

It would definitely be worth taking the time to hike the trails. Aside from the obvious spectacularness of the falls, the woods were lovely and green.

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