Friday, May 5, 2017

Hiking through Sterling State Forest

Sterling State Forest
Spring had appeared seemingly overnight a week ago, so by Sunday's hike in Sterling State Forest, it was green everywhere. The hills were still visible through the trees, and the weather was a pleasant 60-something (after being in the 80s the previous day). It was the perfect day for a tough 15-mile hike with the Ramblers along the Appalachian Trail.

We hiked through Sterling State Forest, starting near Arden and ending at the Bellvale Creamery - spoiler alert, probably the best way to end a hike. I'd done parts of the hike before, mostly in the second half, although the first time, it rained. (The second time was a backpacking trip in the opposite direction.) This time we added a little fillip onto it by adding a loop using the new Doris Duke Trail.

The end of the hike was the most spectacular part, going over Cat Rocks and ending at the creamery.

Sterling State Forest

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