Saturday, August 18, 2007


Comps finished today, so afterwards my cohort went out for lunch. And as a reward for surviving, I spent the afternoon finishing Against the Day. It was completely awesome - everything the Baroque Cycle tried to be but failed. (And that makes Pynchon's book a bargain - it clocks in at 1085 pages, but that's nothing to Stephenson's 2700.) Then this evening I went to a goodbye gathering for a student who is following his advisor to another institution.

So it's been a long day, and now I'm going to bed.


Smanda said...

Um, you read a book after finishing your comps instead of getting off-your-ass drunk? That's not natural. You fail at being a grad student.

turducken said...

In my defense, I tried. Lunch had been billed as happy hour, but then most everyone didn't even order one drink, and then several people left to go to work or work out or have a lunch appointment or drive to Chicago to see their wife and kids. In general, my cohort fails to behave like grad students.