Thursday, August 16, 2007

The state policy ragtime

Oh why do states do the - things that they do
(when they do)
Is it entrepreneurs - making things diffuse
(what they do)
That make some leaders - and one the caboose!
(why they do)
Traditionalist - or moralist
(when they do)
Elitist - or pluralist
(what they do)
Check with a - policy analyst
(why they do)
Just not a - systems theorist!

Oh they do they do they do
Punc - tu - a - ted
(oh they do they do they do)
Streams and windows and
An agenda!
(oh they do they do they do)
Is your legislature - professionalized?
Is your governor - empowerized?
No matter, your state will do
The thing all states do -
when they do they things they dooooo
(when they do them!)

(Why, yes, I have been reading Pynchon lately. Why do you ask?)

1 comment:

Whosis said...

Well, I think you might have officially lost your mind. Congratulations! Life is much more fun when you've lost your mind. I would suggest partaking in a Bacardi Silver Raz flavored beverage. :)