Thursday, September 13, 2007

Ask an American

This discourse analysis book is driving me nuts. On one page, the (British) author tells us that in postwar America, "ideology" and "totalitarianism" are often used as synonyms. Nonsense! I've never heard anyone do such a thing. Then on the next page he tells us that there is no word for "the groove between the nose and the upper lip." Nonsense again! It's called a the "philtrum." I could understand being confused about what goes on across the ocean, but not knowing about things right under one's own nose?

After I get over this, I have to read four chapters of Giddens, all of Suicide, eight articles for org theory, and six articles for econ; write a memo for econ, a manuscript review for org theory, and a set of questions for org theory; and prepare for an econ study session. That's all for next week, never mind the long-term stuff. Or the medium-range stuff.