Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Living dead girl

I felt snowed in by all the work I had to do this weekend, and I didn't even manage to accomplish it all by Monday. I had reading for four classes, the usual memo to write for econ, a presentation to prepare for org theory, an econ article to read for our study group, a manuscript review, and an extra dose of soc reading in order to prepare for a presentation next week. (That extra dose included all 400 pages of Suicide, which is long but makes up for it by generating all kinds of smart-ass remarks.) Plus, to be perfectly frank, I wasn't at my best due to last week's findings. Despite getting enough sleep, I've been about as perky as a zombie the last few days, which doubtless affects my productivity.

But I think I've finally shoveled my way out of the snowbank. This weekend may be perfectly ordinary.

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