Sunday, October 14, 2007

The Committee of Extra-Ordinary Gentlemen

In late 2007, rumors began to circulate on the street that Turducken had assembled a crack team of researchers. While never a solo operative, in the past she had tended to form a series of partnerships rather than entire teams, so the rumors were greeted with some skepticism. Details slowly emerged, however, revealing that she did indeed have an elite group of gentlemen-scholars at her disposal, consisting of the following experts:

Code Name: "The Chair"
Expertise: Mixed-method case studies, state policy, garbage-can theory, diffusion
Secret Weapon: Tenure

Code Name: "Mentor"
Expertise: Fundraising, development, institutional advancement, public relations, winning
Secret Weapon: Bow tie

Code Name: "Beta"
Expertise: Quantitative analysis, education policy, event history analysis
Secret Weapon: R

Code Name: "Georgia"
Expertise: Sociology of education, organization, finance, relocation
Secret Weapon: He has no secrets ... or does he?

... Which is just to say, I now have a dissertation committee.

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