Monday, October 22, 2007

Oh yeah, that was voluntary, wasn't it

Ugh. I'm feeling stressed out, and for the first time since starting the program, I'm having a serious case of imposter syndrome. None of the details are remotely interesting, so I won't bore you with them. Instead, I'm going to complain about all the stupid stuff that is secondarily annoying me.
  • My hair isn't growing fast enough.
  • I haven't yet found the right shoes for my Halloween costume.
  • The Indians lost the series to the Red Sox.
  • It's raining, way too late to help agriculture.
See, that wasn't interesting either, but it was better than me whining because whaaa, I had papers accepted at a conference and now I have to present them, and I have to do homework because I'm in grad school which I wasn't press-ganged into, and I said I'd do X so now I have to do it, GEEZ. There's nobody like a grad student to look narcissisticly into a half-full glass and pronouce it empty, empty, empty.

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