Saturday, August 30, 2008

Excitement of all kinds

On Friday, one of my friends from Indy stopped for lunch on her way through town. It was great to catch up - I haven't seen her in three years. Then, afterwards, I went to the Apple store and bought an iPhone. I love it so far. Every feature is so intuitive; you don't need a manual of any kind. And while the alpha keys look so much tinier than my fingers, typing is remarkably accurate. Hooray!

The mall is a dangerous place because there are all of these stores there. Expensive stores. I went in to the new Burberry store and wanted to buy half of what I saw, especially this skirt I loved. I mean, loved. Wanted to marry. Someone will have to call George Clooney and tell him that he has been replaced. But at $295, the skirt is only barely more obtainable than George. Alas. (And honestly - I'm a "poor graduate student" now, but even as a well-compensated faculty member, I won't be THAT well compensated.)

But I have an iPhone!

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Anonymous said...

I am fighting the urge to go to the mall right now actually. I want to see a movie and browse Barnes and Noble and a few other stores and it always leads to me buying more stuff that I don't need, or more books to add to the 'waiting' pile. I still want to go see Hamlet 2 though for some reason.