Monday, December 14, 2009

What would you forget?

Recently, I went to a potluck dinner where we were all assigned dishes to bring, and a discussion arose as to what the most important dishes were. The idea was, if someone didn't show up, or brought an untasty , how badly would it impact the meal? (In this case, the china and silver were provided, and it was BYOB, so the discussion was only about the food. We were also ignoring redundancy - if three people are asked to bring side vegetables, one no-show isn't a problem.)

One person said bread was the least important thing. Someone else said, no, it was dessert. Both of these floored me, because I would argue they are the two most important items. Note, I'm not making any argument that I'm objectively right here - I think all this is a matter of opinion. But while I believe any element except perhaps dessert could be omitted, I want my carbs, and I'm a carb snob.


lutheranchick said...

I would forget the salad, the veggies, or a side dish.

Dave Daniels said...

Bread is the *most* important. A lot of times that's the only thing that's any good. I could take or leave dessert.