Tuesday, May 4, 2010

AERA, part II

My cohort
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This photo was taken at the Vanderbilt reception Saturday night; it's my cohort, or at least the four of us who were there for the conference.

Today is the last day of AERA, and there aren't any sessions I'm interested in, so I'm going down to Boulder to have lunch with a friend. (And to go to the Lush store.) Yesterday I did go to two good sessions, one with a paper on giving and another on prestige, and a panel session on minority-serving institutions.

Now I have to finish my submissions for ASHE - they're due Saturday - which has suddenly been complicated by the fact that I have to go down to an undisclosed location to collect dissertation data on Thursday. Tonight I go back to Nashville and see if my roof leaked. Between AERA and this dissertation trip, I completely am missing the great Nashville flood.

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