Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Although unprecedented prosperity will be mine in the near future, in the short term funds are tight. I don't want to spend any of my savings - in fact, I want to increase them, as moving to Manhattan is a pricy prospect - and my pay for the next couple of months will be low.

(There are a couple of potential things I could pick up this summer, but you surely know the proverb about counting chickens.)

So one thing I'm doing to save a bit of cash is trying to get to the end of the month without paying for any more yoga classes. That's two weeks, so it's about $40 I'd save, which maybe isn't much, but every bit counts, and anyway, I need an incentive to develop a home practice.

Today I kicked things off the easy way by going to a free class sponsored by Lululemon. It was at a studio I know with a teacher I didn't, and it wasn't as challenging as what I typically do, but that's typical for free classes. I'd like to see if I can practice every day, barring days I do serious hiking - no way I'm hiking 10 miles and then doing more than a stretch!

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