Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Planning ahead

I didn't hike much this winter. I did a fair amount of urban walking, but if it has pavement, I can't consider it a hike. in April, I was getting back into hiking shape, when hubris got the best of me and I more than doubled my mileage, on concrete, in Five Fingers. Just as my tendon was recovering from that, a capoeira workshop and the end of the semester took up all of my time.

So today I sat down with AMC's Best Day Hikes Near New York City to map out a strategy for the next month or so. I looked at the hikes over five miles in length only and ruled out a Staten Island hike - I'll save that for winter when it's too nasty in the rest of the state - as well as one in Harriman State Park, which I've seen plenty of already. Surprisingly, this left only three hikes. That would be my biggest complaint about this book; the hikes are on the short side. (My rule of thumb for a day hike is that there's no point in spending more time traveling than hiking.)

June. Gonna be all about getting into hiking shape.

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