Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Stroll around Inwood

Tip of Manhattan by TheTurducken
Tip of Manhattan, a photo by TheTurducken on Flickr.
On Sunday I tried to go for a walk at Van Cortlandt Park. Memo to the MTA: The "Weekender," which shows schedule changes, is a great tool. But if a station/line is closed, it should be marked as "no service," not as "planned construction," which could simply mean delays. Got it? Thanks.

Anyway, I ended up at Inwood Park, which I like because of its relative wildness. In the fields, there were probably a hundred families out grilling or picnicking, plus games of baseball and ultimate. On the trails, though, it was considerably less crowded. A few of the neat things I saw:

I've never seen a squirrel that was black before, but this one was. He was a cute little guy, too, begging for some of my ice cream like a dog. (No, he didn't get any.) Before you click that link, I should mention that without the flash, he didn't have EVIL RED EYES.

I think I found the secret staircase someone was looking for last time. It has a rather private feel, especially when approached from the top.

A guy and a gal were stringing Chinese lanterns in a small glade. They said it was for a short film, but they didn't have enough lanterns. I hope they solved their problem. I also ran across another group doing what looked to be a photo shoot or a film.

Met a random guy who used to take his 14 nieces and nephews hiking out there, although they're older now. He was hiking to blow off steam, because he had been angry about something. He told me about his son, a a chess player who is now a sophomore at Middlebury.

Also, there were flowers.

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