Monday, June 25, 2012

Crossing the Brooklyn Bridge

Brooklyn Bridge by TheTurducken
Brooklyn Bridge, a photo by TheTurducken on Flickr.
Walking across the Brooklyn Bridge is a classic NYC activity, so when a Tennessee friend was in town, we did just that. (He's a hiker, so no complaints about how much walking there is in the city!) The experience was a letdown, and I think I prefer the GW crossing.

Two things made the crossing less pleasant that you ought to keep in mind. One, it was hot. Choose a cooler day than I did if you go. Two, there is construction that blocks views on much of crossing. Wait until it's finished to go - that should be 2014, incidentally.

The Brooklyn Bridge is a big tourist draw, and you may prefer being part of a crowd or not as you please.

Even with these caveats in mind, I think the GW crossing is superior. It has fewer people and more spectacular views. The views from the Brooklyn Bridge are along the lines of, "Oh, look, that's the Statue of Liberty." Nothing to sneeze at, but not as panoramic.

More irritatingly, while you enter the bridge in Manhattan very close to the water, on the Brooklyn end you are trapped in the middle of a road well after it hits the ground. For several blocks you're on an unshaded concrete walkway with views of office buildings. For that reason, many people don't go all the way but turn around and head back to Manhattan.

I can say I've done it, but I won't be taking any more visitors across until the work is done.

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