Friday, May 31, 2013

Pantano do Sul

So, here I am in Brazil.

My adventure began before I even left New York, though. Sunday night I checked to confirm my Monday-morning flight, only to find out that it had been moved up to Sunday night. As I was not at JFK ready to board, this was not going to happen. A call to TAM and then a call to my travel agent later, it was fixed, with a new departure time of Monday night.

So, Monday night I take off, don't sleep at all, and land in Rio. All I can report from Rio is that the air smells very nice, and that customs was no issue at all. Then it was on to Florianopolis on a regional jet - although I was surprised because it was an Airbus, not an Embraer, which is stupid, because not all American airlines use Boeings, right? Three buses later I was on the beach at Pantano do Sul checking into my hostel, followed by showering, eating, and napping.

My second day was comprised mostly of grading, as I had a deadline, broken up only by a walk along the beach. Song of the day: "The tide goes in, the tide goes out, the tide plays pinochle on your snout."
On the third day I hiked the trail to Lagoinha do Leste, a beach reachable only on foot. It's named for the s-shaped lagoon you see in the photo, which isn't visible from the beach itself. To get this shot, I had to hike up a nice little hill which, unlike the ones you can see here, is not tree-covered. It's, uh, possible that I may have gotten lost on the way down, and may have entertained dark thoughts about breaking my leg, while "Call Me Al" ran through my head, but if I did do that, I wouldn't admit that here where my mom could read it.

This morning I went in search of an ATM so I can pay my hostel bill. The ATM was having issues (I wasn't the only customer having problems), and it appears to have recorded two transactions, only one of which actually gave me money. I don't look forward to fighting the bank about this. I went for another beach walk, and then I figured out why my laptop has been vibrating - apparently the power supply isn't grounded. Splendid! I have work to do that requires my laptop, although, uh, blogging isn't part of that work. Also, I was feeling sorry for myself; I am tired of conversations that are short, difficult, and instrumental. Also, I'm used to doing capoeira in the evenings. Also, I miss having someone massage my shoulder when it is acting up. Today's theme song: Marinheiro So.

Tomorrow, I have no idea what I am doing. Watching my laptop explode, maybe? Going for another hike? Eating badly? (You have no idea. I'm reverting to how I eat when I am camping. Food, that's a whole other post.) Then Sunday, it'll be on to the metropolis.

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