Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Inwood Hil Park

Manhattan, Jersey, Bronx by TheTurducken
Manhattan, Jersey, Bronx, a photo by TheTurducken on Flickr.
View from a short hike at Manhattan's Inwood Hill Park. The Henry Hudson bridge connects Manhattan (left) and the Bronx (right), with New Jersey in the background. The water in the foreground is the Harlem River

Technically, that chunk of land on the right is not the Bronx, though. It's a neighborhood called Marble Hill that is politically a part of Manhattan, but geographically part of the Bronx.

And technically, the Harlem River is not a river but a tidal strait, and technically, this part of it is a canal dug to make shipping easier. It was the building of the canal that lopped poor Marble Hill off of Manhattan.

That piece of Jersey is Englewood Cliffs; the "cliffs" are the Palisades, which you can only see in this photo if you look very closely. This particular chunk of cliff is the subject of a land-use dispute; a company has been given a permit to build an enormous office building that will dramatically change the character of the scenery.

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