Thursday, January 9, 2014

Rules for internet sanity

  1. Do not click on anything from Buzzfeed or ViralNova.
  2. Remember that HuffPo doesn't pay the vast majority of its contributors. Value its articles according.
  3. Pretend that shopping sites that require you to share your email before you can see their goods don't exist.
  4. Do not read the comments, except at a very few well-moderated sites.
  5. It's totally okay to hide Facebook friends who post stupid political crap all the time. (Corollary: Each of us is entitled to decide what is stupid political crap.)
  6. Anyone who thinks Twitter follows must be reciprocal is probably a douchebag.
  7. Do not click on anything from Upworthy. If something is truly interesting, a media source will be able to get my attention with a straightforward headline rather than mysterious linkbait.
  8. Do not feel bad because you are not on Facebook AND Tumblr AND Pinterest AND Snapchat AND Twitter AND Google+. Just how many hours do you think I have in my day anyway?

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