Sunday, June 29, 2014

Twin and Indian Head hike

"Trail"Finally, a double-header!

Twin and Indian Head are pretty close, so doing both in one day seemed entirely possible. The easiest way to reach both is to head up the Jimmy Dolan Notch trail, which meets the Devil's Path with Twin one way, Indian Head the other. The photo at left is on the Jimmy Dolan Notch trail - please note that the path goes up and over that tree and boulder, not around it. At the notch (apparently the local word for a small valley between peaks) there is a nice view, but it was breezy and too early for lunch.

I started with Twin. Twin has an east summit before the real summit (hence the name, one would assume). Both have views, although the view from the east summit is better. That's what you see below. Note the clouds rolling in. The actual summit isn't much farther along.

Twin east summit So I started back down to the notch, and on the way down it began misting. It looked as if I might have to call off Indian Head, because slippery rocks are no fun. The mist stopped, though, so I headed up to Indian Head.

There is no view from the top of Indian Head. That didn't really matter, though, because fog had rolled in and I wouldn't have been able to see anything anyway.

Indian Head didn't have a clearly visible summit, or, like West Kill, a cairn. The top of the mountain is a long ridge, and after a certain point it becomes obvious you are going downhill. A little anti-climactic.

After returning to my car, I drove to nearby Plattekill Falls, which is basically right off the road.

I was supposed to stay another two nights, but the weather forecast was grim - 80 percent chance of rain the next day, so I decided to move out.

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