Monday, December 29, 2014

Hiking Roxy Ann Peak

Rock pitToday I finally hiked up Roxy Ann. It's a mountain in Medford, visible from my parents' house. When I lived there as a kid, I wasn't a hiker. On my trips back since that time, I have other plans or the weather has been bad. Also, I listened to what non-hikers said - it's hot, it's hard, there are rattlesnakes.

I am sure there are rattlesnakes, but the hike up to the top is a maintained dirt road probably 25 feet wide. Rattlesnakes aren't going to surprise you if you stay on the trail. The dirt road also means that the trail is smooth, easy walking, or as easy as possible for a trail that goes uphill. There are genuine trails that you can take to make a loop, but the three-mile trail to the top is simple and straightforward.

The above picture is from partway up, looking down at the rock pit. A side trail goes to the pit, if you want to see a hole in the ground up close. (We passed.) At the top of the peak are two towers, as well as a panoramic view of the valley looking west.

Roxy Ann is located in Prescott Park, named for George Prescott. (Go ahead, follow that link; it's a fascinating story, at least if you like stories about murder, conspiracy, and corrupt judges.)

The weather made for good hiking, too. Look at these blue skies:
Roxy Ann

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