Sunday, February 14, 2016

Hiking Anthony's Nose

Anthony's Nose
We had planned to hike Anthony's Nose today, and we weren't about to let a little thing like record cold stop us. Besides, it was a clear, bright day in spite of the chilly temps.

From Manitou, we hiked up to the Appalachian Trail and then onto the Camp Smith Trail. We spent a few seconds trying to figure out how to get to the Philips Mine, but it was too cold to wander, so we gave up. The trail goes up to Anthony's Nose, down again, up again, down again, up again, and finally down. Unfortunately, the end of the Camp Smith Trail is right on highway 9D, so there is about a mile of roadwalk with little to no shoulder. Eventually, at an intersection, a walking path appears, and the rest of the walk to Peekskill is safer. We didn't GPS the hike but it was probably 6-7 miles.

The view here is from Anthony's Nose, looking at Bear Mountain and the Bear Mountain Bridge.

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