Monday, February 15, 2016

Return to South Mountain

Hemlock Falls
I last hiked South Mountain about three years ago, alone and in the summer. This time, I went with a friend on a snowy winter's day. Of course, I managed to get us lost, which is somewhat embarrassing when you hike with someone for the first time, but you can't get really and truly lost in the park.

The old mill is still fun to explore, although the nearby bridge was closed off. Hemlock Falls, as you can see above, was actually more spectacular when frozen. I had forgotten entirely about the Washington Rock, with its plaque honoring George, which was entirely appropriate for President's Day.

Despite the falling snow, it was warmer than on my hike of the previous day. The only downside was that the snow blanketed out the overlook of Millburn, although frankly that's not the highlight of the trip anyway.

Edited to add: I can't believe I forgot the best part of the hike! Early on, we saw a fox bouncing through the backyard of one of the houses that abuts the park.

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