Monday, April 4, 2016

Fahnestock in the snow

Jim's Swan Song
The Ramblers did a hike in Clarence Fahnestock State Park this weekend as a goodbye to a long-time member who is retiring and moving away, and our early spring was interrupted by a late snow. I certainly wasn't anticipating three inches of snow, not with blossoms on the trees! Nevertheless, we had a good hike - if more difficult than I anticipated, mostly because we were going quite fast for part of it. We started at Pelton Pond, hiked south to Candlewood Hill, and then back. 

It was quite beautiful with the snow, although chilly. We didn't really notice until we stopped for lunch - in style, thanks to catered pizza - and then everyone started to notice their wet socks. A planned loop around the lake was called off due to full bellies and literal cold feet. 

Most of the group did about 9.5 miles, but those of us who went up Candlewood Hill probably added 1.5 on top of that. Not quite regulation Rambler length, sure, although plenty for before lunch.

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