Tuesday, May 17, 2016

A stroll to New Jersey

Palisades This was a short hike, across the George Washington Bridge, up along the Palisades to the Dyckman Trail down to the shore, and along the shore back to the bridge. My hiking companion was keeping an eye out for birds, so there was a great deal of stopping to peer through binoculars. Alas, the birds don't typically stick around for photos, so what you see here is a waterfall that runs down the Palisades.

We stopped for lunch at the cliff's edge via a side path I hadn't taken before. Remnants of an old antenna lay nearby. Near the end of our meal, there was some movement in the bushes - a young red-tailed hawk. At first, we thought it was getting its own lunch, but it seemed to be practicing, pouncing repeatedly. That was a very cool thing to watch up close!

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