Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Hiking Fir and Big Indian

Bridge034For the final hike of my long weekend, I hiked Fir and Big Indian with the Catskills 3500 Club. Both peaks are bushwhacks, but Big Indian only technically - an easy herd path of .25 miles connects it to a trail. Both peaks are also viewless.

Starting at the Biscuit Brook parking area, we hiked up the trail just past the shelter, then diverted into the woods, up to Fir. From there we bushwhacked over to Big Indian - a fine piece of navigation over the slender ridge between them - and hiked out on the trail back to the parking area.

The trail was pretty, if there was nothing spectacular. However, the weather was hot and humid. None of us were quite ready for summer yet, and several members of the group were getting quite bitten up by mosquitos.

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