Friday, June 10, 2016

Hiking Ampersand (Saranac 6 no. 1)


After five years in New York, I've finally made it to the Adirondacks! We decided to attempt the Saranac Lake 6 over a weeklong vacation.

On our first day, we tackled Ampersand, which supposedly had the best views - not to mention the best name. The weather was fantastic; in fact, the forecast at that point was saying it would be the only nice day we'd have. As it was a weekend day, we expected some crowds.

The trail started off reasonably, getting steeper and tougher as we went. In the photo above, notice the stone stairs.* From there it got steeper and turned into scrambling with hands required. I would recommend extreme caution in wet conditions, as we all know that wet rocks and roots can be slippery.

Peak view

Since it was a nice weekend day, we didn't have the trail to ourselves, but even at the top the trail wasn't crowded; there is plenty of room to spread out and enjoy the views.

*Note: Responsible hikers should always carry water and the other ten essentials. No backpack is shown here because I was carrying everything as part of my training for the Long Trail next month.

Ampersand peak

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