Monday, January 23, 2017

Hiking Slide Mountain

Slide Mountain
J has started working on her 3500 peaks, so for the Winter Weekend we decided to join a led club hike to Slide, one of the required winter peaks.

The weather had been rather warm for the previous week, with some rain and freezing rain, so there was as much ice as snow. It was going to be another weekend I couldn't use my new snowshoes, alas. Microspikes were a definite necessity - although we saw a few folks without them, I think that's just asking for trouble. I was the only one without poles, which I keep meaning to buy eventually, so it's safe to say most people would prefer them for a little extra stability.

We came up Slide from Frost Valley Road, taking the most direct route. Despite the icy trails, we were blessed with sunshine and relatively warm temperatures. Compared to two weeks earlier, it felt positively balmy.

Despite the ice, this hike is pretty non-technical. There are no rock scrambles, and the stream crossings were all easy. That makes it one of the easier winter peaks. And there is a nice view at the top, which always feels like a nice reward.

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