Thursday, July 27, 2017

Hiking Mt. Tremper another way

Mt. Tremper

Both of my previous hikes of Tremper have been out-and-backs from Phoenicia. This time, we hiked it one-way from the town of Willow.

After parking at the post office on Jessup Road, we roadwalked a bit until we reached the Willow trail. (The photo above is from the post office; I think that is Tremper.) The beginning of the actual trail was a bit weedy - it's clear fewer people come this way. Likely that's because this approach is 3.8 mikes instead of 3.05, and there is no parking lot at the trailhead, necessitating said roadwalk, which makes it even longer. The trail itself is not qualitatively different, though.

The Willow trail dead-ends into the Warner Creek trail, and turning left eventually brought us up to the summit of Tremper, where we enjoyed the fire tower. From there, we went down the usual route to Phoenicia.

It's a nice alternative if you have two cars for a shuttle. Otherwise, you could of course do the hike as an out-and-back if you are looking for a change.

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