Friday, July 28, 2017

Revisiting the Burroughs Range

Slide-Cornell-WittenbergAfter warming up on Tremper, we headed out to the Burroughs Range the next day. We followed the same route I had taken previously on this hike, starting from the Slide parking lot at Frost Valley Road and ending at the Woodland Valley parking area. My previous hike had been in the fall, however, so it looked quite different in the green of summer.

This trail is a showcase for Catskills rock formations, with lots of climbing. One of these climbs is named the Cornell Crack, but the rest are unnamed on the map, which we found amusing - Cornell Crack didn't seem to be any more significant than all the other climbs!

The trail first reaches Slide, then Cornell. There are views near both peaks, and again rather typical of Catskills view - you have to peer over trees to see the mountains over yonder, with little view of the valleys in between. But once you climb up to Wittenberg, it's an entirely different story. I think it's probably the best view in the Catskills. That's true even on a humid day, where the haze obscures the farthest details.


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